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Dear Valued Client,

Thank you for your interest in setting up an account with Coastal Drug Testing. Employers who have at least 20 employees and intend to conduct future testing are eligible to establish an employer account for drug and alcohol testing services. Benefits of having an account include monthly invoicing, 5% discount on standard testing fees, compliance consultation and personalized service. Individuals are not eligible to establish an account and must pay for services when scheduled. Please find listed below information regarding our testing services, fees and other Drug Free Work Place Program information.

About Us – Coastal Drug Testing provides DOT and Non-DOT drug and alcohol testing, drug free work place policies, random testing programs, occupational health physicals and consultation to small, medium and large companies wishing to maintain a drug free work place. Our company is recognized as one of the nation’s leading providers of these services and all our staff hold various industry certifications. Our company is also a member of the National Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA), the Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association (SAPAA) and the U.S Chamber of Commerce.

Testing Methods – Coastal Drug Testing provides urine, hair, oral saliva and blood testing. All drug tests can be analyzed in 5, 9, 10, 12, and 14 panel screenings (drugs). In addition to standard testing, drug tests can also be screened for prescription drugs and synthetic marijuana. Alcohol testing is also available through urine, hair and a breath alcohol test (BAT).

Testing Center Locations – Coastal Drug Testing has testing centers and affiliated collection sites in all cities Nationwide and our testing centers are in most cases within minutes of an employer’s business address or an employee’s home address. If your company has multiple locations in other cities or States, Coastal Drug Testing can schedule and manage the testing program for all locations.

Scheduling a Test – Scheduling a test is fast and easy. You may schedule a drug or alcohol test at any testing center Nationwide by simply calling our toll-free 800 number or emailing our scheduling department. Also, if you would like, we can provide you login and password information to the scheduling system so that you can schedule a test from the convenience of your own office. Same day service is available in most cases and no appointment is needed, however the employee will need the test registration/donor pass and their government issued I.D. The process is convenient and you can have a donor pass issued within minutes of your request and the employee could immediately proceed to the testing center. Donor passes are valid for 7 days unless otherwise instructed by the client.

SAMHSA Certified Laboratory and MRO Review – Coastal Drug Testing only utilizes SAMHSA certified laboratories and all drug tests (negative and positive) are verified by our Medical Review Officers. Test fees include Laboratory analysis and MRO review, No hidden costs

Detection Periods – Urine is 1-5 days and hair is up to 90 days. However, administering a hair test requires that the employee have at least 2 inches of hair or body hair may be used provided there is a sufficient amount of underarm or chest hair.

Results Reporting – Negative test results are generally reported within 24 hours and a non-negative test reported within 72 hours after the completion of the confirmation test. Test results are sent by email to the authorized company representative only.

Employer Account Set Up – Establishing an account with Coastal Drug Testing is fast and easy. There is no initial set up fees or contracts required. Simply complete a new account profile form and agree to our invoice policies and you can begin testing.

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